• Street Art Goes Mainstream (4)

    Street Art Goes Mainstream

    Since the 1970s, street artists have been turning vandalistic cacography that appeared on many wall surfaces in around the big cities into more acceptable forms of expression. Gradually, what was initially known as graffiti became accepted as street art. For the past 10 years, street art has continued to gain popularity, not only in the […]
  • Forbidden Curiousities (4)

    Forbidden Curiousities

    Simple objects often tell so much about someone’s feelings and memories. For well-known illustrator, graphic designer and artist Muhammad “Emte”...
  • Slovak National Ballet (2)

    Slovak National Ballet

    An Evening to Remember with Lúčnica – The Slovak National Folklore Ballet and Sound of Orchestra. Located in the very heart of Europe, Slovakia’s small size is possibly its biggest attraction. The picturesque country is proud of its rich folklore and folk tradition and the artistic ensemble Lúčnica perfectly reflects Slovakia’s unique culture. Founded in […]
  • Wishing You  A Long Life

    Wishing You A Long Life

    Hippocrates’s Vita Brevis, Ars Longa is perhaps the most used quote regarding art. “Life is short; art on the other hand lives long,” it connote...
  • lukisan Seri Ilusi # Indonesia idea (.ID) Bab 2 dilihat menggunakan lampu UV

    Taking a peek at Censored Art

    Just as the new Terminal 3 “Ultimate” of Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta airport opened on August 12th, 2016, a painting entitled Indonesia Idea by Gal...


  • Batik Tiles Traditional Art Meets Modern Technology (3)

    Batik Tiles Traditional Art Meets Modern Technology

    Appearances can often be deceptive. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to produce unique tiles patterned with beautiful Javanese batik motifs, which bear striking resemblance to batik fabrics in appearance. Tiles, over the years, have evolved significantly; state-of-the-art technology has enabled tile manufacturers to create patterns never before imagined. Today, thanks to digital printing, […]
  • The Batik Every Dapper Man Needs 1

    The Batik Every Dapper Man Needs

    Fresh from the runway of the latest Men’s Fashion Week at Plaza Indonesia comes a cultural phenomenon that blends Indonesian high art with Japanese street style fashion. Meet Ikemen from Parang Kencana. From the streets of Tokyo to the streets of Jakarta, cropped trousers otherwise known as culottes are making their way to modern men’s […]


  • Grow Through What You Go Through

    Grow Through What You Go Through

    As we wind down the year, it is a moment to take pride and comfort in everything we did and didn’t do. In things we have accomplished and things that have just begun. To connect with those we love and to reach out to those we may have drifted from. It is also a season […]
  • Bespoke


    Whenever we find a song that relates to our current situation, we tend to listen to it over and over. Something about it speaks to us. Moves us. Grounds us. And proves that life is just a really good playlist. So this month, whether alone or with a friend, lay on a blanket, look at […]
  • Hungry


    A lot of nagging and bit of luck usually gets you fed as a kid. That was largely how we used to acquire music from our parents when it was still physi...
  • Poetry In Motion

    Poetry In Motion

    Do you ever hear a song and remember exactly where you were in that moment?  It is easy to think that perhaps the purpose of music is to be everythin...
  • Just Keep Moving Forward

    Just Keep Moving Forward

    As the Dalai Lama said, ‘There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done.  One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, s...
  • Where Did The Musicians Go

    Where Did The Musicians Go

    Growing up, it was a norm to try your hand at an instrument or two. Whether it was formal training or a garage band with friends, there was an accepte...


  • A Tech Savvy Year Ahead (2)

    A Tech Savvy Year Ahead

    Technology has certainly changed the way we see films or TV shows nowadays. It is indeed an exciting era. However, technology also makes for some truly fascinating stories on screen, as recent gems have shown, like Ex Machina, Eye in the Sky, or even Snowden; not to mention the classics, like 2001: A Space Odyssey, […]
  • A Festive Ending

    A Festive Ending

    The year 2016 has been, well, interesting – to put it mildly. But no matter which end of the “interesting” spectrum you are standing on – the good or the bad one – you can always turn to the movies to close the year on a happy note. So, here are some of the movie […]
  • A Man in a Man's World (4)

    A Man in a Man’s World

    In Hollywood, many films and discussions have talked about the hardship of being a woman in a man’s world—indeed, still a relevant topic to this d...
  • Entree For Entries

    Entree For Entries

    A month into the fall movie season, with filmgoers still burping from the fatty, junk food-like aftertaste of summer blockbusters, we are witnessing t...
  • Let the Scene Take You There

    Let the Scene Take You There

    Some films come with something that hits the wanderlust button in audiences, whether with their engaging stories or beautiful shots – and in doing s...
  • Chariots of Fire

    The Mighty Olympians

    Sports film has become such a big genre that it might have just spawned a sub-genre of its own: Olympics movies. With the whole world all psyched abou...