• The Technology of Food

    The Technology of Food

    On a crowded, climate-changing planet, food is a very hot issue. Our supermarket shelves are groaning with choices from all over the world, irrespecti...
  • spices at Istanbul market

    Why Great Food Makes Great Vacation

    If you’re like me, you’ll agree that it’s never too late to start planning for your next vacation. By default, families with school children, bo...
  • 20160812_131027

    Modern Cantonese Cuisine at Li Feng

    Cantonese cuisine is without doubt one of China’s best. And you will find some pleasant surprises in what Li Feng has to offer for Jakarta’s foodi...
  • Octopus

    When Art Meets Cuisine

    Petty Elliott enjoys some of the finest contemporary Indonesian Food in the heart of Ubud. Some like-tradition, others seek change. The classicist fa...


  • Bistecca (1)


    Staying true to the meaning of the word, Bistecca offers Jakartans an authentic Italian steakhouse dining experience like none has ever done before in...
  • Nusa Gastronomy (7)

    Nusa Gastronomy

    When you think about Indonesian food, some regular dishes may come to mind: rendang, nasi goreng or sate ayam. Well, at Nusa Gastronomy, the latest ad...