1953 Restaurant Indonesien

Dining | Written By, Khamila Mulia | July 6th, 2016

South Jakarta has become a gastronomic destination with its abundance of new culinary options, spanning Senopati to Kemang. We recently visited 1953 Restaurant Indonesien, the latest venue to open its doors in the serene but quirky Panglima Polim neighbourhood.


It’s easy to spot 1953 as it’s located on the intersection of Panglima Polim main street with a striking black and white facade that seems to promise elegance within. The restaurant lies within a classic mansion that was built in 1953 for a Dutch company named N.V Rathkamp & Co, and the owner has decided to maintain the building’s original exterior.


With its eclectic Indonesian decor with modern touches, 1953 Restaurant Indonesien aims to promote the country’s cultural richness as well as its culinary heritage. Most of the furniture here was brought in from other regions of Indonesia, including gorgeous ceramic wall tiles from Yogyakarta, wooden tables and chairs from Jepara, and interesting dinnerware from Semarang.

When it comes to food, the same spirit prevails in the restaurant’s focus on serving authentic, visually enticing Indonesian cuisine. 1953’s wide menu traverses across the archipelago; you may need to think for a while before deciding what to order as the selections vary quite a bit. We started with the classic Sate Ayam; juicy chunks of skewered chicken were grilled to perfection and served with a tasty peanut sauce.


We continued with Asam Iga, stewed beef ribs in a sour and spicy chilli and tamarind broth. Served with rice and krupuk, the dish is a typical Indonesian comfort food. As 1953 is all about the legacy of Indonesian cuisine, we had to try Indonesia’s iconic nasi goreng. The delightful ‘Nasi Goreng 1953’ was rich with spices, uniquely flavoured with curry leaves and served with lamb chops.

Just like the kitchen, the 1953 bar also offers something exciting as you can find a selection of hard-to-find traditional drinks, including Bir Pletok, Rondo Abang and Mega Mendung. And of course, you should not miss 1953’s signature cocktails, like their Kedondong Margarita, Rujak Martini, or Blue Ginger Mojito as they have surprising twists which again highlight Indonesia’s authentic flavours.


The all-day dining restaurant opens every day from 11am until 11pm. With its spacious and well-designed space, 1953 Restaurant Indonesien would also be a great place to celebrate special occasions.

1953 Restaurant Indonesien
Jl. Panglima Polim 9 No 93
South Jakarta 12160
T: (+62-21) 724 1953

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By: Khamila Mulia


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